What kind of concrete block machine do you need for your factory?

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5 April 2019
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Are you looking for a concrete block machine that adapts to your needs and specifications?

At Poyatos we have the best solution; we have a wide range of concrete block machines to adapt to the characteristics and needs of your company.

We design and manufacture our own patented high production concrete block machines as well as several other models of concrete block machines with minimum maintenance costs that are specially designed for entrepreneurs.

1. The most reliable Universal concrete block making machine

If you need a concrete block machine that offers maximum reliability, then the Universal is the model for you. It has a 10-level elevator with a double tray that executes the vertical movement of the concrete blocks. It comes with an automatic palletizer, a pallet magazine and a roller conveyor.


The dosing system for water, cement and aggregates evaluates, by means of a number of different methods and completely autonomously, the correct mixture of the components for the manufacture of concrete blocks.

2º Novabloc: save time in your concrete block machine factory

If you’re looking for a concrete block machine to help you to speed up production, the Novabloc features a modular vibration system consisting of two unidirectionally synchronized vibrating shafts. Each of these has “two rotating masses that are attached to each shaft which, at full power and load, either offset or complement each other to create different vibration levels without having to shut off the motor.” (See product description.)

3. The high production concrete block machine: Megabloc

Now, if your main objective is to achieve maximum production, then the Megabloc concrete block machine is the best solution. It should also be noted that it offers a reliable, tried and tested system, as well as a remote assistance service for breakdowns.

4. Prima concrete block machine: ideal for entrepreneurs

This type of concrete block machine is very economical and does not require any major electrical installations. It is therefore an ideal option for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to launch a project in a developing country. In addition, it needs less power capacity (power: 7.5 KW for vibration and power: 11 KW. for the hydraulic unit); as well as less useful surface area for the production process (700 square meters in total).

Both the production of concrete and the manufacture of components are therefore automatic processes. An operator with a trolley removes the pieces on wooden or metal trays once they have been vibrated. This is how they are transported to the curing area. The pieces are then palletized manually.

5. Machines for making concrete blocks with minimum maintenance: Syncro

With the Syncro concrete block machine model you can reduce costs with no significant loss of production because it doesn’t require large maintenance expenses.

This is a stationary automatic concrete block machine which is robust and easy to use – it requires minimal maintenance and works with either a wooden or metal tray. Its length ranges from 1200mm to 1400mm and its width from 600mm to 900mm. It also provides substantial production capacity and a synchronized vibration system driven by a 15Kw motor powered by a frequency converter.

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