Modular vibration: increasing the productivity of your plant

Main characteristics of the Novabloc block making machines

Fully automatic installation with NOVABLOC press equipped with the modular vibration system, patented by Poyatos.

The modular vibration consists of two vibrating shafts unidirectionally synchronized. Each of these carries, at the same time, two eccentric masses that performs without stopping, add up and compensate to keep the engine always in operation at high speed with full load

  • Energy savings in starts and braking.
  • Saving time at startups and stops (about two seconds per cycle).
  • That there is no disintegration of material, being the stoppage of instantaneous vibration.
  • Savings in maintenance in all vibration mechanisms.
  • The drive performs with a single motor from 22 kW to 1,500 r.p.m. (normal series engine), without any maintenance.
  • Automatic regulation of vibration parameters both amplitude and frequency.

In brief, modular vibration is a very reliable and experienced system, fast and productive with minimum requirements in terms of operation and maintenance.

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More Technical Information:

  • Height of products: 25 to 300 mm   
  • (optional 400mm)
  • Minimum area: 2,000 m2
  • Specific software with easy-to-use touch screen and with all kinds of information about productions, consumptions, maintenance, etc.
  • It allows a tele-assistance service with remote access


  • Modular vibration system (Patented)
  • Two vibrating tables
  • Grease in continuous oil bath (minimum maintenance).
  • Maximum force: 200 kN
  • Power: 45 kW

Hydraulic group:

  • Air cooling equipment
  • Power: 2 45 kW motors
MODEL MAXIMUM* PALLETS SIZE (mm) USEFUL PRODUCTION AREA CYCLE TIME** (sec.) PAVERS 10X20 (pcs) BLOCKS 15X20X40 6” BLOCKS 20X20X40 8” PAVERS (single layer) 10X20 (sqm) BLOCKS 15X20X40 6” BLOCKS 20X20X40 8”
NOVABLOCC 1.400 x 750 1.300 x 690 12 36 12 9 216 3.600 2.700
NOVABLOC 900 1400 x 900 1.300 x 850 13 42 14 12 233 3.877 3.323

* The size of the production pallets (wooden, steel or plastic) may be tailored according to the requests of each project.
** The cycle time is for guidance only and may vary depending on the type of product, quality of the aggregates, staff and other factors related to the production.
*** The hourly production is for guidance only and it is calculated at 100% of the capacity of each machine.

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