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Advanced designs of automatic and high production batching and concrete products plants

 Poyatos provides integral solutions for concrete products plants, batching plants and equipment for specialty products with value-added finishing.

We accompany you throughout the life of the machine 24 hours customer service.

Customized Projects

We make a thorough study of all your needs. 

We develop and manufacture customized solutions.

At Poyatos we are concerned with studying how to optimize our machinery as much as possible to achieve the maximum capacity with the minimum possible wear and tear of the main equipment and the consumables (moulds and production pallets).

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Gallery of Concrete Products 

Each block machine manufactured at Poyatos can produce all kinds of concrete products: blocks, bricks, road kerbs, sidewalk paving, floor slabs, decorative lattices, etc. No matter what the requirements for concrete products or the design existing in your country, we offer the best solution for each project.

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Concrete Products

Poyatos in the world

Since 1975, around the world, in more than 80 countries, we have exported and assembled turnkey factories.

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