Advanced concrete block machine designs and machinery for concrete plants and concrete blocks

In Poyatos we are specialists in offering integral solutions for concrete block making machines which produce well finished concrete blocks.

We accompany you throughout the life of the machine 24 hours customer service.

Customized Machinery

We make a thoroughly study

We develop and manufacture customized solutions.

In Poyatos we are concerned about studying how to optimize our machinery to achieve the maximum production and mínimize the option of wearing any extra auxiliary equipment like molds and trays.

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Prefabricarte Concrete

In Poyatos each concrete block machine model manufactured can produce all kinds of concrete pieces: Concrete blocks, bricks, road curbs, pavements for pavements, slabs for slabs, decorative lattices, etc. No matter what the requirements for prefabricated or design in your country, we offer the best solution for each project.

You can get the sample of what was manufactured with our machines.

Concrete Products

Poyatos in the world

Since 1975, around the world, in more than 80 countries, we have exported and assembled turnkey factories.

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