Universal concrete block machines: maximum reliability

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20 December 2018
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 Do you need concrete block machines that offer maximum production reliability?

In that case the Universal concrete block machines will be the right choice for you. These machines are among the most reliable on the market and they also offer maximum hourly production: they include unidirectional synchronized vibration and require minimum maintenance.

Our website includes the following description:

The Universal concrete block machines are equipped with a 10-height elevator and a double tray that carries out the vertical movement of the concrete blocks.In addition, they also come equipped with an automatic palletizer with pallet magazine and roller conveyor.

These concrete block machines also have a system for the dosing of water, cement and aggregates that uses different methods to evaluate the correct mixture of the components that make up the concrete blocks in an entirely self-contained process.


Main technical features of the Universal concrete block making machines

The main features of these machines for making concrete blocks are:

 Tray measurements:

-Length: 1240 mm

-Width: 660/750 mm

-Height: 45 mm

Multiforca forklift:

10-height forklift truck, electromechanical operation.

-Automatic and electric mode for totally programmable automatic operation.

-Optional 180º rotation.

-Load: 5 Tn.

Automatic electronic palletizer:

-Operation: Electromechanical.

-90º and 180º rotation system.

– Four-sided clamping with electronic adjustment.

Other key aspects of concrete block machines Universal

Furthermore, this type of concrete block machine has a vibration and hydraulic unit. Here’s some more information about them:


-Unidirectional synchronized vibration.

-Single motor drive (patented).

-Continuous oil bath lubrication (minimum maintenance).

-Adjustable vibration parameters.

Hydraulic unit:

-Variable flow piston pump.

-Power: 30 KW.


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