Automatic concrete block making machine

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The concrete block making machine for entrepreneurs

This is the quintessential concrete block making machine for entrepreneurs. It is very economical with no need for large electrical installations.


A low-maintenance concrete block making machine

This is a robust, easy-to-use, low-maintenance automatic stationary concrete block making machine. It can manufacture double-layer products.

  • European concrete block manufacturers

  • Poyatos are manufacturers of concrete block making machines for the production of precast concrete and we are specialists in providing comprehensive solutions for the setting up of concrete block making factories.

  • Concrete block making machines with quality guaranteed

  • As European Union manufacturers we must comply with many EU manufacturing requirements and regulations. In this way we can offer quality guarantees to all our clients.

  • Extensive supply of spare parts in stock for concrete block making machines

  • We have a very wide range of spare parts manufactured by us in our POYATOS factory. We also have supplies of spare parts in many countries to speed up delivery times.

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