Concrete batching plants 20 noviembre, 2023

Do you want to install concrete plants?

At Poyatos we offer all the necessary machinery so that you can carry out the complete process of dosing, transporting and mixing raw materials in your concrete plants. We support you throughout the manufacturing process.

And once you get one of our machinery, we will accompany you throughout its useful life. Offering spare parts, telephone assistance, and having a team of specialists.

Concrete Planr

Mixers for your concrete plants

In addition, we have two types of mixers, which will adapt to the different concrete mixing systems. And they have a manual and automatic drive, using a pneumatic or hydraulic system and adapt to all types of block machines.


Thus, on the one hand we have the Turbomixer, in which the mixer tank is completely covered on the bottom and sides with special anti-abrasive steel sheet plates that are screwable and replaceable.

Furthermore, as we can read on our website:

The arms of the blades of the Concrete Plant Concrete Machines are mounted in an articulated manner, cushioned by hard rubber silent blocks. They are also self-adjusting and replaceable, easily accessible and fully protected against dust. The pulleys are made of anti-abrasive NI-HARD cast iron.

Concrete Plant


On the other hand, with the Planetary, ideal for all concrete plants, it already becomes state-of-the-art machinery, and ensures a faster concrete block production process.

As you can see on our website:

We are talking, then, about a state-of-the-art concrete mixer patented by Poyatos for concrete plants. Which has a turbine of mixing blades with planetary movement and a group of turbo blades (in the turbo-planetary blades the advantages of a planetary mixer are combined with those of a "turbo": homogeneity and speed of mixing, along with a rapid discharge ).

Concrete Pla nt

Poyatos: block making factory that respects the environment

At Poyatos we take care of the environment into account, that is why all our products are respectful and ecological.

And, in addition, we comply with all manufacturing regulations of the European Community and Spain. So you will have all the guarantees when you get our machinery.


Poyatos in the world

Since 1975, around the world, in more than 80 countries, we have exported and assembled turnkey factories.

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