Machinery for special finishes on concrete blocks at Poyatos

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26 March 2019
Concrete blocks
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Are you looking to manufacture concrete blocks with a special new finish?

Then at Poyatos we can help you. We have all the necessary machinery to produce concrete blocks with the best finishes. At our company we design and manufacture the following different types of machines:

1. Splitter machines for concrete blocks

The semi-automatic splitter for cutting concrete blocks is equipped with 4 blades (upper, lower and sides). This machine is semi-automatic with a 7.5 hp hydraulic motor. A perfect ally to get the best finishes for your concrete blocks.

2. Aging process

If you want to improve the appearance of your paving stones, this bush hammer aging machine is the right choice for you. It features a hammer aging process and is equipped with 144 hardened steel hammers. It also has a noise reduction booth which at the same time acts as a dust suction chamber.

3. Polystyrene injection systems

These are polystyrene layer insertion systems patented for all models of Poyatos concrete block machines (for manufacturing insulation blocks). This machine can be manual or automatic depending on the model.

4. Color dosing systems

And don’t forget the dosing and color distribution systems for granulated powder dyes for all models of Poyatos concrete block machines. Get better finishes on concrete blocks by inserting polystyrene and colored layers.

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