Concrete batching plants 08 noviembre, 2023

Do you want to know how you can save energy in Concrete Plants?

The energy crisis we are experiencing has led many companies to have to greatly reduce costs. That is why it is important to know some tips to save energy in concrete plants if we want to work towards this end.

And if all sectors are suffering from the energy crisis, construction is probably one of the most affected. Thus, in today"s article we are going to leave you some tips that we believe can help you save energy in Concrete Plants.

Of course, before getting into these tips, it is also important to talk about the environment. This energy saving will help reduce the carbon footprint in the construction sector, as well as respect nature.

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Tips to save energy in concrete plants

Let"s move on then, to what really concerns us in this article, 3 tips that will help you save energy in concrete plants:

1. Renewed equipment

The machinery of concrete plants will be one of the main forces when it comes to achieving our objectives. And if we have the latest generation machines, they will come prepared to achieve maximum production with the lowest possible energy use.

Furthermore, having machinery in optimal condition will reduce unnecessary costs due to production failures. On our website you can see all the latest technology machinery that we have at Poyatos (Turbomixer and Planetary).

2. Management in energy acquisition and savings during its use

Another piece of advice is to make good management of energy acquisition, as well as savings during its use. This allows maximum efficiency to be achieved in the industry. A rational use of energy must be carried out that allows reducing its consumption without affecting the quality of the product, productivity and the quality of services.

Energy savings and its management are the best alternatives in the cement industry to achieve competitiveness and operational excellence.

3. Variable speed drives to save electrical energy

The control method used has an important effect on operating costs. For example, our Turbomixer has a manual and automatic drive.

To be more precise, depending on the required flow rate, savings of up to 70% can be achieved when comparing a variable speed solution with a fixed one. Therefore, this becomes a key factor to save energy in concrete plants.

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