Benefits of our Novabloc block machines

Do you want to know how Novabloc block machines work?

Well, in a few words we tell you that with the Novabloc block machines you will be able to reduce the manufacturing time of the concrete blocks, and also save energy. All this, with
a minimum maintenance investment.

And it is that this type of Novabloc block machines have a modular vibration,consisting of two vibrating shafts synchronised unidirectionally, with which it is possible to reduce manufacturing times in a significant way. Furthermore, it should be noted that each one of the axes, carries, at the same time, two eccentric masses that at full load and at speed, without stop, are added or compensated, managing to vibrate or not, with the engine always running.functioning.

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As you can read on our website:

The Novabloc model concrete block machine is equipped with a vibration system with servo-motors, composed of a vibrating table with four eccentric masses that allows control of all vibration parameters: frequency, amplitude, speed of phase changes, etc.

The Novabloc concrete block machines can be offered to work with trays of wood, plastic or metal, with measurements between (1200 - 1400) x (550 - 900) mm and with optional double layer equipment.

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Significant maintenance savings

Not to mention that thanks to the Novabloc block machines you can achieve significant savings in maintenance in all mechanisms of vibration. And the drive is achieved with a single 40 C.V. at 1,500 r.p.m. (normal series engine), without any maintenance.

We leave you a video so you can see its operation in a more practical way:

Peculiarities of the Novabloc block machines

Novabloc block machines have the following important points:

  1. A wide variety of options are offered for output of product packages roller conveyor, slat conveyor, pallet truck, etc.) according to the needs of each Project.
  2. It includes an automatic electronic double central column palletizer with translation and movements of raising and lowering of high speed and with tightening independent from the 2 directions.
  3. Specific software with an easy-to-use touch screen provides all kinds of information on production, consumption, maintenance, etc. and allows a tele-assistance service with remote access.

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Main benefits of Novabloc block machines

Thanks to the modular vibration, which consists of two synchronized vibrating axes unidirectionally, we get:

  • An energy saving in starts and braking.
  • A saving of time in starts and stops (about two seconds per cycle).
  • In addition to the fact that there is no disintegration of material, as the vibration stop is instantaneous.
  • It also causes significain maintenance in all the mechanisms of the vibration.

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