Paving stone manufacture in Poyatos

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Paving stone production

Multiple possibilities

At Poyatos we design and manufacture machines for making paving stones.

We supply machines that provide different finishes

In Poyatos we supply many different concrete block making machines: from the most powerful and reliable to others that are less expensive and require less maintenance.

In our factory you will find different machinery that gives different finishes to the manufacture of paving stones: color, aging, etc.

  • Aging

  • The aging procedure is carried out by a hammering machine equipped with 144 tempered steel hammers.

  • Color dosage systemsr

  • These are color dosage and distribution systems using powder and granulated colorant for all the POYATOS fixed concrete press models.

  • Special products

  • Construct kerbstones, paving stones and any other type of precast concrete.

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