What is the best concrete block machine?

Do you want to know which is the best concrete block machine for you?

If you are looking for a concrete block machine, you must first stop to think and ask many things. If you want to choose the best block machine, you have to think about your circumstances and characteristics in advance.

You will also have to take into account the budget, the maintenance and energy capacities, the production that you must carry out. In this way, to choose the best concrete block machine, you should ask yourself the following questions:

the best concrete block machine

Are you an entrepreneur or are you going to install a concrete plant in an underdeveloped country?

Then Prima will be your best solution, because this type of block making machines is designed for entrepreneurs from developing countries who aspire to manufacture quality concrete products at an industrial level.

All this, due to the fact that this concrete block machine, needs less capacity for its power (Power: 7.5 KW for vibration and Power: 11 KW for the hydraulic group);as well as less useful surface to be able to carry out its production process (700 square meters in total).

Are you looking for an economic block making machines?

We are talking again about the Prima block making machine, because it is very economical and does not require large electrical installations. A model of automatic presses with a significant production capacity, and which are also robust and very easy to handle and maintain.

Do you have little capacity for the maintenance of your concrete block machine?

With the Syncro block making model, you can reduce costs without having to give up significant production. Because it does not need large investments to maintain it.

A fixed and automatic block making machine, robust, easy to use and with minimal maintenance, which works with a wooden or metal tray, with a length that goes from 1200mm to 1400mm and a width that goes from 600mm to 900mm. All this, with an important production capacity.

Do you want to achieve maximum reliability with your presses?

If you need a block making machine that offers maximum reliability, the best model is Universal.

A type of concrete block machines that have a water, cement and aggregate dosing system evaluates the correct mixture of the components that make up the blocks in a completely autonomous way using different methods.

Do you need to reduce your production time?

If what you want is to produce faster, the Novabloc block machine has a modular vibration consisting of two vibrating axes synchronized unidirectionally.

Each one, in turn, carries 'two eccentric masses that at full load and at speed, without stopping, add up or compensate each other, managing to vibrate or not, with the engine always running'.

Do you want to get a concrete block machine with the maximum capacity?

In this case, we recommend the Megabloc block making machine, the one with the highest production capacity on the market.

A press that stands out for offering the highest productivity (more than 4,500 20 cm blocks per hour, 18 pieces per tray) thanks to its modular vibration system (patented), driven by a single 45 kW motor, based on 2 independent vibration tables.

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