Do you want to know the best way to maintain a block making machine?

The block making machine is gaining attention in developed and developing countries for its fast, reliable and robust results. While these concrete block machines are highly efficient, their maintenance is also very important.

These machines have to work in the worst weather conditions, without forgetting the gravel, sand and micro dust to which they are exposed.

Due to the harsh conditions in which these block machines have to work, it is essential to provide them with regular maintenance so that they can function well and can work with the same efficiency. The following are the best ways to maintain a block making machine.

 block making machine

The best ways to maintain a block making machine

1. Be aware of abnormalities

Abnormality detection, in case abnormality is detected, the concrete block machine should be stopped as soon as possible to avoid further trouble.

Investigating the cause of the abnormality. And it is that a minor error can cause the entire system to fail.

2. Performance check

To avoid major losses, a brief performance check is necessary, even before starting the concrete block machinery, to make sure everything is working properly.

Before putting the machine to work, lubrication, checking performance abnormalities, defective parts, tightening and some other examinations can be carried out. This will prevent the entire system from crashing and stopping work in the middle.

Regular lubricant and checkup can prolong the life of the block making machine.

3. Professionals trained to handle the concrete block

We must ensure that all repairs and service are performed only by qualified professionals. Keeping the mechanical parts of a block making machine in good condition makes it more reliable, increases its efficiency and increases its useful life.

The block making machine

What does a trained professional do on a block making machine?

Finally, we want to refer to the maintenance that a professional must carry out on a block making machine:

  • Routine Check: Make sure machine fasteners are tight before using. Parts that require lubrication should be lubricated according to the requirements.
  • Regular inspection: Check whether the mechanical control system and limit switches are normal. Make sure control components function as required.
  • Read and understand the equipment manual: Before starting the equipment, double check that all parts, program settings, etc. are working properly. Use the machine in accordance with the operating procedures, check its operation, and turn it off immediately if you discover any irregularities. After using the machine, be sure to clean it according to the instructions.
  • Low/High Temperature Maintenance: Be aware of climate differences.

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