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Poyatos concrete block machines

In Poyatos concrete block machines, we are manufacturers of machinery for the Precast concrete production. Since 1975, we have been in the construction sector. So we have extensive experience in the industry.

From our company we have evolved over time, always at the forefront of new technologies and including the latest innovations.

 At present we have 30,000 m2 of covered surface facilities, equipped with high-tech machinery, robotic machines and numerical control. In addition, we follow manufacturing processes that allow us to reduce the costs (which we transfer to our customers) with high quality in the finishing of our equipment.

A very important point is that all our machinery is manufactured in our workshops. We assemble components of hydraulics, electronics and incorporable elements of leading brands worldwide. This allows us to manufacture high quality concrete product machine that high productions with minimal maintenance and that adapt to different needs.

Poyatos concrete block machines factory: human team and technology

 At the Poyatos Contrete Block Machine Factory we always bet on human capital, thats why we have a staff of highly qualified workers. A template that is integrated by a technical team of engineers, both mechanical and electrical and electronic.  

Our technical department uses the most technologically advanced programs to design and develop a large number of innovations and patents that are constantly applied to our facilities.

Wide range of block making machines

 Our company has a wide range of high production concrete block machine and automatic block making machines. In addition to machinery for the manufacture and other secondary work of concrete blocks, as well as machinery for concrete plants.

 We design and manufacture under our own patents a wide range of machinery lines whose productions range from 800 to 4,500 concrete blocks / hour (400 x 200 x 200).  We summarize our range of concrete block machine mainly in 5 models: Prima, Syncro, Universal Megabloc and Novabloc.

International presence  

Poyatos is a specialist in providing integral solutions for the implementation and commissioning of concrete plants and prefabricated production adapted to the needs of each market. We currently have more than 1,000 customers spread across more than 80 countries on 5 continents. This makes us an international provider with the ability to provide a fast and efficient after-sales service to its customers regardless of their location.

Poyatos in the world

Since 1975, around the world, in more than 80 countries, we have exported and assembled turnkey factories.

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