Do you want to give a special finish to your concrete blocks?

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12 August 2017
Concrete blocks
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Would you like your concrete blocks to have a certain color or to go through an aging process?

If this is the case then at Poyatos you will find the best machines for the job. What’s more, all these machines have all the manufacturing guarantees and the highest quality on the market. And because we manufacture in Spain we have to comply with national regulations as well as with those of the EU.

Now let’s examine 4 different types of machines: the splitters, the aging machines, and the polystyrene injection and color dosing systems.

1. Splitter machines for concrete blocks

The semiautomatic splitter for cutting concrete blocks is equipped with 4 blades (upper, lower and lateral). It is semi-automatic and powered by a 7.5 HP hydraulic motor.

It includes a 7.5 HP hydraulic motor with a hydraulic pressure of 115 Kg/cm and a cutting power of 17,500 Kg.Esplitadora

2. Bush hammer aging machine

If you want your paving stones to look better and to put them through an aging process, the bush hammer aging machine features a hammer aging process and is equipped with 144 tempered steel hammers.
This machine also includes a noise-reducing booth which also acts as a dust intake chamber.

3. Polystyrene injection systems

Other machines which will help you to give a better finish to your concrete blocks include systems for inserting polystyrene layers; these are patented for all the Poyatos concrete block making machines (for the manufacture of insulated concrete blocks).

The automatic and manual features of this machine depend on the model.

4. Color dosing systems

Lastly, at our company you will also find color dosing and distribution systems for powder and granulated coloring for all the Poyatos concrete block making machines. Get better finishes for your concrete blocks by inserting layers of polystyrene and color.


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