Production data for all our concrete block making machines

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3 October 2016
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Do you want to know which type of concrete block making machine best adapts to your needs?

Here at Poyatos we will provide you with help and information on the production data of all our concrete block making machines. First, however, we will give you a brief summary of each of them:

Automatic concrete block making machines

The Prima Press is ideal for entrepreneurs and adapts to the requirements of businesses that intend to begin a project in a developing country. This is our most economic machine and is ideal for the manufacture of quality blocks both on an industrial level and for the manufacture of special pieces.


The Synchro is a concrete block making machine which requires minimum maintenance. It is robust and very easy to manage. In a similar way to the Prima Press, it is semiautomatic because instead of the machine moving and taking up excessive space, it is the trays that move.


High production concrete block making machines

The Universal is a highly reliable machine for the manufacture of concrete blocks and provides maximum hourly output. It is equipped with synchronized unidirectional vibration and requires minimum maintenance.


The Novabloc is ideal if you need to save time and energy in your concrete block making factory. Another advantage is that this machine requires minimum investment and maintenance.


The Megabloc: this is our high production concrete block making machine which provides a reliable, tried and tested system and includes a phone support service for breakdowns, so there is no need to worry about possible problems with your machines.


Concrete block making machines production data

Consult the chart below to see the main production data for all our concrete block making machines:


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