Manufacture of ecological concrete blocks in Poyatos

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26 June 2017
Concrete blocks
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Do you need machinery to make ecological concrete blocks?

Then Poyatos will provide you with the best solution because caring for the environment is our concern, that’s why all our products are eco-friendly.

Therefore, all the concrete block machines patented by us (Prima, Syncro, Megabloc, Novabloc and Universal, as well as their different variations) are manufactured with the environment in mind.


We are European concrete block machine manufacturers

But, in addition, as Spanish manufacturers of concrete block machines we must follow a series of requirements and regulations in all our processes. This ensures greater quality guarantees.

All European Community manufacturers must comply with certain manufacturing requirements and regulations: this provides all clients with better guarantees.

Our concrete block machine factory offers turnkey facilities

Poyatos offers you the machinery for your concrete batching plants so that the entire process of dosage, transport and mixing of raw materials can be carried out. We therefore supply turnkey installations to many different clients all over the world.

This is made possible thanks to our highly qualified staff and a technical team of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers.

In our technical department we use the most modern computer systems to design, study and develop all our installations; these are manufactured entirely in our workshops, including all electrical control panels – assembled and tested in our factory.

So, if you need machinery to manufacture concrete blocks do not hesitate to contact us.


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