Why choose a European concrete block machine manufacturer?

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26 July 2016
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Do you need to contract a block machine manufacturer?

When contracting a manufacturer of concrete block machines to make paving stones, curb stones, blocks and other masonry products, in order to make the best choice you need to keep a lot of things in mind.

For example, what are the strong points? Is the concrete block machine manufacturing system eco-friendly? Does it come with a warranty, etc? Deciding on a European concrete block machine manufacturer always ensures you get an important set of guarantees.

All European Union manufacturers must comply with certain manufacturing requirements and regulations: This provides all clients with better guarantees.

Poyatos: a European manufacturer of concrete block machines

Poyatos are manufacturers of machinery for the production of precast concrete and specialists in comprehensive solutions for the setting up of block and other precast concrete production plants. When you install a POYATOS system we become your partners for the entire duration of the machine’s long lifespan because our objective is to offer the best after-sales service on the market.

We offer solutions that range from machines with a fixed output of 800 blocks per hour to high-production machines with an output of more than 4,500 blocks per hour. We work to advanced plant design and specialized engineering service specifications.

And because Poyatos is a Spanish concrete block machine manufacturer, we comply with all the regulations and guarantees of the European Community and the European Union (ISO, EN) as well as the Spanish Regulations (A.E.N.O. R.). In this way we can offer quality guarantees to all our clients.


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