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5 December 2018
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The best concrete block machines in Vietnam

Are you looking for concrete block machines to launch a new project in Vietnam? Then at Poyatos we can be of help. Because we now have representatives in Vietnam; our organization aims to deliver our products to every part of the world, so you can buy concrete block machines in Vietnam, for example, but also […]

11 November 2018
Concrete blocks
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How do you make the highest quality concrete blocks?

Do you need to manufacture concrete blocks  of high quality and the best design? At Poyatos we provide you with the best solutions.  We manufacture machinery to give special finishes to your concrete blocks. These machines are designed for facilities with automated storage. It should also be noted that at  we have been manufacturing automatic […]

3 November 2018
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Advantages of our Novabloc concrete block machines

 Do you want to know how the Novabloc concrete block machines work? In short, with the Novabloc you will be able to reduce the manufacturing time for concrete blocks and save energy. All this with minimum investment in maintenance. The Novabloc concrete block machines feature modular vibration, consisting of two unidirectionally synchronized vibrating shafts which […]

24 October 2018
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Concrete batching plants at Poyatos: Turnkey installations

Do you want to install a concrete batching plant? At Poyatos we make it easy for you by offering turnkey installations in multiple locations around the world. This is all possible because we provide the machinery for your concrete batching plants to carry out the complete process of dosing, transport and mixing of raw materials. Our […]

14 October 2018
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Megabloc: the concrete block machines with the highest production

Are you looking for a maximum-production concrete block machine? Then there is no better solution than our Megabloc concrete block machine which offers a reliable, tried and tested system with maximum hourly productivity. This type of concrete block machine features modular vibration (patented by POYATOS) and consists of two vibrating shafts synchronized unidirectionally. And, as […]

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