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11 December 2017
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Syncro Concrete Block Machines: minimum maintenance in your factory

Need to reduce the maintenance of your concrete block machines? Then the Syncro, an automatic concrete block making machine, may well become your best partner. In addition, you can reduce costs without having to sacrifice excellent output. The Syncro concrete block making machines don’t need major investments in maintenance, so you can reduce your manufacturing […]

11 December 2017
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Universal: what sets these concrete block machines apart?

 What are the main features of these concrete block making machines? The Universal concrete block making machines are a great option because they are a model of automatic block making machines which offer great reliability in finishes as well as providing synchronized unidirectional vibration, and they require minimum maintenance. These concrete block machines enable continuous […]

29 November 2017
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Special products: Poyatos concrete block machines

Need to manufacture special concrete products? Then at Poyatos you will find what you are looking for. We offer different concrete block machines so that you can manufacture what you need. We offer such a wide range of products, you’re bound to find the machine that adapts to your needs. With our concrete block making […]

27 November 2017
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The Megabloc concrete block machine: why choose it?

Are you looking for the most reliable concrete block machine? Then the Megabloc concrete block making machines may well be your best choice, as they offer a reliable and highly tried and tested system with modular vibration and minimal requirements to get them up and running. It also features an installation control system with a […]

24 November 2017
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Concrete batching plants: turnkey installations at Poyatos

Do you want to install a concrete batching plant? In Poyatos we supply all the necessary machinery for you to carry out the complete process of dosing, transport and mixing of raw materials at your concrete batching plants. And, we support you throughout the entire manufacturing process. Once you have purchased our machinery, we will […]

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