Poyatos: Retailers of automatic and semi-automatic concrete block making machines

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17 August 2016
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Are you looking for a company that sells concrete block manufacturing machines?

Poyatos is the solution for you! We manufacture machines for all types of concrete blocks and special concrete products to make kerbstones, paving stones and any other type of precast concrete product.

Poyatos are manufacturers of concrete block making machines for the production of precast concrete and we are specialists in providing comprehensive solutions for the setting up of factories for the manufacturing of concrete blocks and other precast concrete products.


We offer all types of solutions, from fixed concrete block making machines with an output of 800 concrete blocks per hour, to high-production machines that produce more than 4,500 blocks per hour.

Semi-automatic concrete block machines

Semi-automatic concrete block machines are a step ahead of traditional concrete press equipment because instead of the machine moving (and taking up too much space) it is the trays that move.

Once the product has been vibrated on either wooden or metal trays, they are removed by the machine operator for transfer to the curing area. The product is then manually palletized.

These machines are therefore a halfway point between automatic concrete block machines and the traditional concrete press machine. They offer a faster process than the latter but with less energy costs than the former.

1. Prima

This is the ideal concrete block manufacturing machine for entrepreneurs. It adapts perfectly to the needs of businesses that are planning projects in developing countries.

This concrete block making machine is more economical and doesn’t require large electrical installations.

2. Syncro

One step ahead of the Prima, its main feature is its minimum maintenance requirements. At the same time it has a high production capacity and a synchronized vibration system powered by a 15 kW frequency converter motor.

Types of automatic concrete block machines

On the other hand, fully automatic concrete block making machines provide much greater output. So if your company needs to produce large quantities of concrete blocks, this kind of installation is your best investment.

1. Universal

This concrete block making machine provides maximum hourly production with minimum maintenance providing a fully automatic process.

What’s more, it includes a synchronized, unidirectional vibration system powered by a single motor (patented).

2. Novabloc

Novabloc goes one step further by saving you time in your concrete block factory.

Novabloc offers energy-saving on starts and stops and prevents product disintegration due to its instant vibration shutdown.

3. Megabloc

And last but not least, the Megabloc concrete block press machine provides top reliability. This is a very reliable, fast and productive system; it also requires very little to get it up and running. It needs minimum maintenance and therefore helps reduce costs.

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