Why choose the Poyatos concrete block machine factory?

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27 February 2018
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Are you looking for a concrete block machine factory?

If so, Poyatos is the best solution for you. We have been manufacturing different concrete block machines since 1975. Our catalogue includes vibrocompressor concrete block making machines (with fully automatic circuits for the transport and storage of materials); multi-layer production concrete block machines (for the manufacture of paving stones and special pieces); turbo-mixers (from 500 to 3,000 litres); splitter machines and concrete batching plants.

In addition, we also design and manufacture (under our own patents) 14 different models of concrete block machines with outputs ranging from 800 to 5,400 blocks/hour (blocks of 400x200x200).These machines, equipped with the most advanced systems, can produce all kinds of concrete components (blocks, bricks, road kerbstones, blocks, bricks, road curbs, paving stones, floor slabs, decorative lattices, etc).

The core values of our concrete block machine  factory

At Poyatos our main goal is to offer the best service to all our customers. We also have highly qualified staff to provide personalized sales and after-sales services.

For this purpose we have a staff of qualified employees and a technical team of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers. As we mention on our website: “Our technical department designs studies and develops all our equipment with the most modern computer systems. Our machines are manufactured entirely in our workshops – as well as the electrical control panels which are assembled and tested in our concrete block making machine factory.”

Furthermore, our values also include ecological and environmentally friendly construction. We offer robust machines with quality assurance. In addition, as we manufacture in the EU, we comply with all current regulations.

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