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23 August 2016
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Do you need to buy concrete block making machines?

Choose a Spanish concrete block making machine manufacturer. And why not take the opportunity to come and visit Spain? Our Poyatos factory is located in Granada, one of the most attractive cities in Europe, attracting more than 3 million tourists a year. The Alhambra is one of its most famous tourist attractions and is the most visited monument in Spain, not to mention the Granada Cathedral which is the first Renaissance church in the country.

Granada is a very safe city where you can take leisurely strolls to enjoy the shops, spectacular views and the Spanish gastronomy. The city’s nightlife offers many cultural activities including concerts, bars and flamenco shows.

The province of Granada offers the chance to go skiing in the Sierra Nevada which is only 40 minutes away by car. You can also take a tour of the remote villages in the Alpujarra Mountains or enjoy the beaches on the marvellous Tropical Coast less than an hour away from the city center.

Do you want to buy concrete block manufacturing machines in Mexico or other countries?

We also have representatives all over the world to facilitate the purchase of our concrete block machines in other countries. You can buy our concrete block manufacturing machines in Mexico, block making machines in Colombia, Moscow, Algiers, etc.

We have exported and installed turnkey factories in countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Greece, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Portugal, France, Poland, Cape Verde, Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Malaysia, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine, etc.

Poyatos representatives throughout the World

We currently have Poyatos representatives in Moscow (Russia), Muscat (Oman), Istanbul (Turkey), Cairo (Egypt), Algiers (Algeria), Casablanca (Morocco), Michigan (USA), Querétaro (Mexico), Guatemala City (Guatemala), Bogota (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), São Paulo (Brazil).

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