The Syncro Press: reduce the maintenance of your concrete block making machine

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1 August 2016
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Looking for a concrete block machine that needs minimal maintenance?

If so, the Syncro Press automatic concrete block making machine is the one for you. This is a robust, easy-to-use, low-maintenance automatic stationary concrete blockmaking machine. This concrete blockmaking machine can use either wooden or metal racks ranging in length from 1200mm to 1400mm and from 600mm to 900mm in width. The Syncro is an automatic stationary pressing machine that requires minimum maintenance but has a great output capacity and a synchronized vibration system powered by a variable frequency drive 15Kw motor.

How does the low-maintenance automatic blockmaking machine work?

The Syncro Press is robust and easy-to-use and just as the Prima Press, it uses a semiautomatic process where instead of the machine moving (and taking up too much space) it is the pallets that move. This blockmaking machine can be installed in a straight-line or U-shaped circuit configuration and includes 5 different elevator/lowerator height settings to facilitate forklift transfer of the pallets to the curing chamber. Palletization: either a pneumatic or an automatic electronic cuber can be installed as required.

Double-layer products

Equipment for manufacturing double-layer products is available for each Syncro Press option and when using the U-shaped circuit, turning systems and rack lubrication can also be added.


Different configurations

Last but not least, the Syncro Press offers two different configurations: either in a U-shape or L-shape. The differences can be seen in the images below.

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