14 November 2016
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Find out how many pieces each of our machines for making concrete blocks can produce

Every concrete batching plant or concrete block making factory is unique and needs different volumes of production depending on the requirements of each company.

For this reason here in Poyatos we patent and manufacture concrete block making machines that offer different output volumes. From inexpensive, low-output concrete block making machines to others that provide high hourly production.

Medium output concrete block making machines

In this first section we will introduce the Prima, Prima L, Syncro, Syncro-2 and -4:

1. Prima: equipped with a 1080 x 560 or 1080 x 680 tray, it requires a mould discharge surface area of 1020 x 520 or 1020 x 640 and has a cycle time of 18-25 seconds. Per cycle it can produce from 16 to 20 10×20 paving stones or six 15x20x40 concrete blocks; or five of 20x20x20.


Output volume per hour is 51 m² at 642-, 1000 concrete blocks (15x20x40) and 800 (20x20x20) with a total of 6 m³ of concrete per hour.

2. Prima L: same size and requires same mould discharge surface area and cycle time (18-25 seconds).

See the graph below showing production volume:


3. Syncro concrete block making machine: tray measurements of 1240 x 660 or 240 x 750, it requires a mould discharge surface area of 1110 x 600 or 1110 x 690 and has a cycle time of 18 to 25 seconds. See the graph below for production volume:


4. Syncro -2, -4: same size and mould discharge surface area requirements as well as the same cycle time of 18 to 25 seconds.


High production concrete block making machines

These include the following models: Universal, Universal-4-900, Novabloc, Novabloc-900 and Megabloc:

1. Universal: see the image below for all the data on one of the most reliable concrete block making machines.


2. Universal-4-900: this concrete block making machine offers similar features.


3. Novabloc: if you need to reduce production times this concrete block making machine is your best option. See the graph for specific data.


4. Novabloc-900: this is a variation on the model above.


5. Megabloc: lastly, we will provide you with the figures for the concrete block making machine with the highest output made by Poyatos:



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