Some examples of Poyatos machinery for concrete blocks

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12 September 2016
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Do you need machinery for the finish on your concrete blocks?

Poyatos offers you the best solutions because our factory is equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art technology. We have several types of equipment so that you can manufacture concrete blocks and achieve the best finishes.

We provide patented splitter machines and aging systems, as we have already mentioned in our blog (Concrete block splitter machines, Poyatos aging machine: machinery for concrete products). We also provide polystyrene injection systems and color dosage systems:

Polystyrene injection systems: machinery for concrete blocks

Poyatos offers a system (patented by us) for the insertion of polystyrene layers which can be combined with any of our fixed concrete block making machine models.

In this way you can manufacture insulated concrete blocks. This process can be carried out automatically or manually depending on the selected model.


Do you want to give your concrete blocks a touch of color?

If you want to add color to your manufactured products (normal and split blocks, slabs, kerbstones and single or double-layer paving stones, etc.) the Poyatos color dosage systems make it easy.

These are color dosage and distribution systems using powder and granulated colorant for all the Poyatos fixed concrete block machine models.


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