Do you need to install concrete batching plants for your project?

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24 July 2017
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Do you need to install concrete batching plants for your project?

Then at Poyatos you will find what you are looking for; we have lots of different machinery for the installation of concrete batching plants.

We are specialists in the sector and we provide turnkey installations. Here at our company we design and manufacture all the machinery so that your concrete batching plants can perform the complete process of dosage, transport and the mixing of raw materials.

Machinery for concrete batching plants

At our factory you will find the Turbomixer which can be operated either manually or automatically using a pneumatic or hydraulic system. It adapts to all types of concrete block machines.

In addition, the floor and sides of the mixer drum are fully fitted with sheets of special anti-abrasive steel which can be easily removed and replaced. This machine will provide you with the complete process for the manufacture of concrete blocks.

On the other hand, we also offer the planetary model which offers a faster production process for your machines for making concrete blocks.

This is state-of-the-art machinery for your concrete batching plants, ensuring a faster concrete block production process.

Concrete block machines

But as you know, we also have the most powerful machines for manufacturing concrete blocks which provide the fastest output as well as others of lower speed but that need less maintenance and are more economical.

So, at Poyatos we design concrete block machines to give special finishes to your products. And what’s more, we have large stocks of spare parts manufactured by us at our factory. We send our spare parts to several different countries with high-speed delivery times.

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