What are concrete block machines? Read about it in this article

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4 June 2019
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Do you want to know what concrete block machines are and what their function is?

In today’s article we’re going to talk a little about our main product: concrete block machines. To do so, we will describe their main functions and characteristics. As you know, at Poyatos we have several machines with different outputs for the manufacture of concrete blocks.

A concrete block machine is therefore a device that is designed and prepared to manufacture concrete blocks of various characteristics and sizes.

These concrete block machines have evolved dramatically over the years. From the first models that were limited to simple metal moulds in which the mixture was made in the natural way, we have grown to the present day with machinery that performs all the tasks automatically, as well as offering the highest production values.

Concrete Block Machines

Main mechanisms of a concrete block machine

As for the main parts and mechanisms that make up a concrete block machine, we might mention the vibrating table, the mould with different cavities to vary the size and type of concrete blocks to be prepared, the compacting plates, etc. There is also the base on which the springs and rails are placed as well as a trolley to transport the compactor.

Focusing on our own concrete block making machines, we will give the example of the Universal that includes:

A ten-tier elevator with a double tray that carries out the vertical movement of the blocks and an automatic palletizer with pallet magazine and roller conveyor.

By means of different methods, the dosing system for water, cement and aggregates measures the correct mixture of the components that make up the concrete blocks using a fully self-contained system.

The Novabloc concrete block machine consists of:
• Receiving hopper with filling control sensor.
• Hydraulic system connected to the press unit.
• Transverse cleaner for kerbstones.

While the Megabloc installation includes “an automatic electronic dual-column central palletizer with high-speed travelling and up-and-down movements as well as independent pressing from both directions, it also features force regulation so as to apply to each part the appropriate pressure parameters (stored for each product in the installation program).”

Automatic Concrete Block Machines

Syncro and Prima are other concrete block machines that you can find at Poyatos.

The Syncro machine requires minimum maintenance, but still offers significant production capacity. In addition, as seen on our website:

The installation circuit can be in a line or U-shaped configuration, with a 5-level elevator and descender system that speeds up the transfer of the trays to the dryers by trolley. The palletizer can be either pneumatic or electronically automatic.

The Prima, on the other hand, is the ideal block machine for entrepreneurs as it is economical and doesn’t require large electrical installations. And, as our website says:

Once the concrete products are manufactured on the production trays, they are removed by an operator with the help of a trolley and transported to the curing area. Afterwards, the products are palletized manually.

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