Universal Concrete Block Machine : main technical characteristics

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5 July 2019
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Do you need to know concrete block machines of maximum production?

Universal from Poyatos has the best solution. It is one of our high production block making machines, so it improves according to needs.

The Universal – concrete block machine  has an automatic operation. It has aggregate dosing system that evaluates and mixes correct components of  water and cement that form the blocks in a completely autonomous way (reduces personnel costs).

Main technical characteristics of the Universal : Block Making Machine

Among the main technical characteristics of this concrete block machine model we find:

Dimensions of the trays

  • Length: 1240 mm
  • Width: 660/750 mm
  • Height: 45 mm

Multiforce trolley

  • Elevator truck of 10 heights, electromechanical operation
  • Automation and electrical stands for total programmable automatic operation
  • Optional 180º turn.
  • Load: 5 Tn.

Electronic automatic palletizer

  • Operation: Electromechanical.
  • Turn system at 90º and 180º.
  • Tighten on all four sides, with electronic control.

We also added adjustable vibration parameters, a hydraulic group with piston pump along with variable flow and a power of 30 HP in tahis model. In addition, the palletizer is electronically automatic. so it operations are totally electromechanical (as we see among its characteristics).

Are you looking for a concrete block machine with maximum reliability and minimal maintenance?

One of the great advantages of this type of concrete block machine is that they allow greasing by continuous flow of oil which achieves a minimum maintenance. Its great advantage for companies is significantly reducing cost, and this increases our ROI.

In addition, the Universal, becomes a faithful fellow, by offering enormous reliability in the production of concrete blocks. What will also allow you to reduce investment in supervision; as well as eliminating losses due to zero or faulty productions.

Universal operation

To finish this article, we highlight the main characteristics of its operation:


  • Unidirectional, synchronized vibration.
  • Drive by a single motor (Patented).
  • Grease by continuous oiling (Minimum maintenance).
  • Adjustable vibration parameters.

Hydraulic group

  • Piston pump and variable flow.
  • Power: 30 KW.

Next, we show you a graph with the operation of this type of block making machines:

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