Turbine Pan Mixers

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Pan mixers (turbo), serie MF

The tank of the mixer is entirely covered both at the bottom and at the sides with special and easy to replace screwed plates made of anti-abrasive steel.

The arms of the paddles are mounted in an articulated way and cushioned by means of heavy-duty rubber shock absorbers (silent blocks), which are self-adjustable and replaceable, easy to reach and fully protected against dust.

The pulleys are made of anti-abrasive NI-HARD foundry.

The round discharging trap is placed at the bottom of the tank and it is entirely built of electro-welded steel. The trap is machined and then mounted over bearings, what enables a smooth action with scant effort.

The opening/closing action of the trap can be automatic or manual either by pneumatic or hydraulic operation (depending on the model). One mixer can have from 1 to 3 traps.

The mixer is entirely shrouded and has got a detachable lid coming with a manhole cover.

The motor is totally accessible as it is placed out of the mixer.

There is a wide range of mixers available with different capacities (from 200 to 3.750 litres) with the aim to match the consumption rate of the whole range of Poyatos block machines.

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