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Stationary concrete products making machine model megabloc


The concrete products making machine model MEGABLOC stands out for providing the highest productivity in the market (more than 4.500 blocks of 20 cm. per hour, 18 pcs per pallet).


System of modular vibration motioned by a single 45 kW motor and with two vibrating tables, that allows a balanced filling of the mould as the parameters of vibration at each one of the tables are adjusted independently.

The system includes one encoder to electronically control the frequency and the amplitude of the vibration with the utmost accuracy.

The modular vibration is an extremely reliable, tested, fast and efficient system of vibration but at the same requiring few resources in terms of operation and maintenance.

The MEGABLOC machine can be offered to manufacture on wooden, steel, or plastic pallets with dimensions ranging from 1.200 to 1.500 mm. (both for the length and the width).

For handling the pallets to the curing chambers, the Megabloc is equipped with an automatic finger car customized to the requirements of each project in terms of the number of levels, loading capacity, revolving platform, …

The Megabloc line includes an electronic automatic cuber with double central column and the following main specifications:

  • High speed of the lateral and vertical movements.
  • Independent grasping from the two sides, controlled by encoder to apply to each product the right pressure parameters (duly saved for each product at the running program).

There are different options for the removal of the packages with products out of the line according to the requirements of each project:

  • Roller track conveyor.
  • Slat conveyor.
  • Railway wagon.

Equipment to manufacture products with second layer (face mix) can be supplied with this machine in all its different options.


  • Size of production pallets: (1300 - 1500) x (1200 - 1400) mm.
  • Useful working area: (1200 - 1400) x (1140 - 1350) mm.
  • Height of the products: from 50 to 400 mm.
  • Cycle time: 12 - 14 seconds.
  • Average production of 20 x 20 x 40 cm. (8”) blocks per hour: 4.500 pcs.
  • Average production of 20 x 15 x 40 cm. (6”) blocks per hour: 5.400 pcs.
  • Average production of paving stone blocks (single layer) per hour: 330 m2.
  • Minimum area for the plant (for equipment and curing chambers): 1.500 m2.


  • Two vibrating tables.
  • Greased in permanent oil bath (minimum maintenance).
  • Maximum strength: 200 kN.
  • Power: 45 kW.


  • Two motors of 45 kW to favour a higher speed in the movements of the machine.

Customized software program to control and monitor de whole plant:

  • Touch screen to allow an easy and intuitive management of the program.
  • Provides all kind of information about the work accomplished, maintenance, data of management (output, consumption of materials, incident notices…).
  • Online support service, allowing remote access to the program in the event of incidents.


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