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Stationary concrete products machine model SYNCRO

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The concrete products making machine model SYNCRO works with either wooden or steel production pallets ranging in length from 1.200 to 1.400 mm. and in width from 600 to 900 mm.

The SYNCRO is a stationary and automatic block machine, robust but user-friendly for its operation and maintenance alike and with a significant productivity, mounting a frequency controlled synchronised system of vibration powered by a 15 Kw motor.

The circuit of the plant may go aligned in line or in U shape, with a set of 5 levels elevator and lowerator stackers to help the handling of the production pallets to the curing chambers by means of a forklift.

Regarding the packing optionally a pneumatic or an automatic electronic cuber can be installed.

The circuit in U shape allows adding turning and lubricating stations for production pallets.

Equipment to manufacture products with second layer (face mix) can be supplied with this machine in all its different options.


Datos Técnicos:
  • Dimension of production pallets (mm.): (1.200-1.400) x (600-900)
  • Useful working area (mm.): (1.160-1.300) x (520-840).
  • Height of the products: 50-300 mm.
  • Cycle time: 16-18 seconds.
  • Number of operators: 2-3.
  • Average production of blocks per hour: 1.500 blocks of 20x15x40 cm.
  • Average production of paving stones blocks per hour: 100 m2.
  • Minimum area for complete plant: 1.000 m2.
  • Control panel with PLC and terminal of variables to save production data. Optionally, a computerized terminal with touch screen can be installed to save all production data (number of pallets manufactured, downtime, consumption of aggregates, cement water, etc.) and complete synoptic of operation and breakdowns.
  • One vibrating table.
  • Greasing in continuous oil bath (minimum maintenance).
  • Maximum vibrating force: 71,5 KN.
  • Maximum power: 18,5 Kw.
Hydraulic group:
  • Cooling by water.
  • Power: 22 Kw.


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