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Stationary concrete products machines for semiautomatic plants

Video and photo gallery of PRIMA production machine.

Video and photo gallery of PRIMA L production machine.



This is an economical model for entrepreneurs in developing countries with a project to manufacture quality concrete products at industrial level, or to those aiming to product some special products.

Based on stationary concrete products machines with a considerable productivity, moreover it is a robust and extremely user-friendly plant, with minimum maintenance and very simple civil works.

Both the production of concrete and the making of products are full-automated processes.

Once the products are manufactured over production pallets, one operator removes them with the help of a trolley and transfers them to the curing rooms alongside, where they would be manually packed at a later stage.

For steel or wooden pallets.


It is the same production machine but upgraded with a higher automation, adding one set elevator-lowerator to help the transfer of pallets with green products to curing rooms and one clamp to ease the making of packages ready for delivery.

With those additions the demand of manpower decreases, making the production process more dynamic and increasing the productivity of the plant.


Technical Data:
  • Pallets size: 1080 x (560 or 680) mm.
  • Useful working surface: 1020 x (520 or 640) mm.
  • Maximum height of products: De 50 a 250 mm.
  • Cycle time: 18 - 25 seconds
  • Average output per hour: 1100 blocks 20x15x40 cm.
  • Minimum surface required for factory: 700 m2.
  • Control panel with programmed automate (PLC) with touch screen for management and storing of data.
  • One vibrating table.
  • Permanent oil bath with minimum maintenance.
  • Maximum vibration power: 47,6 kN.
  • Power: 7,5 kW.
Hydraulic unit:
  • Water-cooling system.
  • Power: 11 kW.


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