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From 1975 on our company has been specializing in fabricating fully automated plants for the production of concrete products. Our product range includes Stationary machines with fully automatic circuits for the handling, curing, cubing and packaging of products, as well as turbine pan mixers (ranging from 200 to 4.000 litres.) splitters, batching plants and also machines for secondary and tertiary product treatments …

Using its own patents, Poyatos designs and manufactures 14 different machine models with outputs ranging from 64 sq.m (690sq.ft) of pavers or 800 blocks of 8” equivalent to 396sq.m (4.260sq.ft) 5.400 of 8” blocks per hour. These machines, equipped with state of the art control systems, are capable to produce equally well the widest variety of concrete products, such as masonry blocks, pavers, slabs, retaining wall stones, bricks, curb stones etc. etc.

Our factory is located in Granada, Spain. With more than 30.000 sq.m (330.000 sq.ft) under roof possibly the largest of its kind in the industry, our facility is outfitted with state of the art equipment and technology. Our advanced CNC- machinery and robots for instance have been specially developed to drive the cost down in our – highly automated and quality oriented – manufacturing process. Our philosophy to keep production “lean”, to exert control over the important manufacturing processes by performing them in- house , as well as our ability to buy and manufacture in larger series have enabled us to realize substantial cost savings which are being passed on to our clientele.

Similarly, those hydraulic, electronic and other components of our machines that need to be sourced from outside, come from reliable international suppliers. They are assembled in house and then integrated in our machinery.


Needless to say: all our machines, their mechanical as well as their electrical and electronic components are extensively tested and thoroughly checked by our team of qualified engineers before they are released for shipment to their future users.


Our technical skills and quality products, along with a high level of competitiveness have made Poyatos the best selling machine in the Iberian and Latin American markets.

However, our success has not been limited to only those geographical confines: having exported turn key plants to more than 80 countries around the globe has made Poyatos also top ranking member among the leading international concrete machine manufacturers.

Further witness to the high level of satisfaction experienced by the international customers of Poyatos is the fact that several hundreds of them have purchased more than one of our machines.

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