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1 August 2019
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Are you looking for customized projects to make concrete block machine?

Then in Poyatos, we can offer the best solution for the production of Concrete Block Machine. And is that:

We carry out a meticulous study. We  develop and manufacture customized solutions.

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In this way, from our factory, we care to study how to optimize our machinery to the maximum production and achieve the minimum needs of spare parts, molds and trays. In addition, we offer a customized project taking into account the characteristics and needs of each of our clients.

Types of machinery in Poyatos

From Poyatos we design and manufacture under our own patent machinery such as: Concrete block machine, Block making machines, Concrete plants and machinery for fine class  finishing of concrete blocks.

Thus, among our machinery stock you can find:

High production concrete block machine

In Poyatos, we are manufacturers of block making machines for the production of precast concrete and specialist in integral solutions for the implementation of concrete block machine factories. Among the models are: Universal, Novabloc and Megabloc.

Automatic block making machines

We also have machinery such as Prima and Syncro that offer large volumes of production, but at the same time help to reduce maintenance costs and are more affordable.

Concrete plants

In order to offer “turnkey” factories from our company, we manufacture concrete plants that carry out the complete dosing, transportation and mixing process. We stand out between the machinery, the Turbomezcladora and the Planetarium.

Machinery for special finishing of concrete blocks

Our range of machinery for the treatment of prefabricated surfaces and for the special finish includes spitters, aging machines for the finishing of cobblestones, shot blasting and bush hammers, color dosing systems, Color Mix systems for the effect of color gradient, etc.

Get more professional finishing with the machinery we offer you: optimized finishing, the color you want, etc.

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