How do the concrete block machines work? We tell you

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21 June 2019
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Do you want to know the operation of the concrete block machines?

In this article, Poyatos defines in a clear and simple way how do concrete block machines work . So you will have deeper knowledge about such types of machinery.

For this Poyatos will begin by differentiating  among automatic, semi-automatic and manual block making machines. In the latter case it is the machine itself that moves and occupies an excessive space in the factory. While the automatic and semi-automatic trays are the ones that move. Facilitating enormously the production process and helping to increase the productive capacity.

The concrete block machines are designed and prepared to make concrete blocks of different characteristics and sizes. They have been developing in extraordinary ways. In the beginning that were limited to simple metal molds in which the mixture was made naturally. Even those, we currently offer machines that perform all the tasks automatically. In addition, they offer high production values, with minimal maintenance costs and  adapt all the needs of different clients.

Multiple possibilities in block making machines

However, different types of concrete block machine have different possibilities. For example, the circuit of the installation can go with configuration in line or in U with a set of elevator and descent of 5 heights that speeds up the transfer of the trays to the dryers by means of a cart. As for palletizing, you can carry a pneumatic or automatic palletizer, etc.

But in addition, a concrete block machine  has several parts or mechanisms: vibrating table, mold with different holes to vary in the size and type of concrete blocks that are prepared the compactor plates, etc. There is also the base on which to place the springs, the rails and a cart to transport the compactor.

Poyatos try to define and explore in a clear and simple way how does concrete block machine work. So you know all about its operation in depth.

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