How do concrete block machines work? We explain it to you in this article

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2 January 2019
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Do you want to know how concrete block machines work?

Then this article will be of interest to you, because we intend to show you how they work in a clear and simple way.

We have to start by differentiating between automatic, semi-automatic and manual concrete block machines. In the latter case it is the machine itself that moves, and takes up considerable space in the factory. On the other hand, in the case of automatic and semi-automatic concrete block machines, it is the trays themselves that move.

Concrete block machines are mechanisms designed and prepared to manufacture concrete blocks of different characteristics and sizes.And they have evolved exponentially, from the first versions that were no more than simple metallic mouldswhere the mixture was made in a natural way, to those that we currently offer that carry out all the tasks automatically as well as providing the highest production rates.

A wide range of options in concrete block making machines

There are different options available for these concrete block machines, since the installation circuit can be configured in a line or a U-shaped configuration with a five-level elevator and lowering device that speeds up the transfer of the trays to the dryers by means of a forklift. When it comes to palletizing, a pneumatic or automatic palletizer can be used, etc.

But, in addition, a concrete block machine also has many parts and mechanisms: a vibrating table, the mould with different cavities to adapt to the size and type of the concrete blocks to be produced, the compacting plates, etc. There is also a base where the springs, rails, and a trolley to transport the compactor are placed.

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