Concrete batching plants for all our machines

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A complete process for manufacturing concrete blocks

The Turbo concrete mixer can be activated manually or automatically by means of either a pneumatic or hydraulic system and is adaptable to all types of concrete block making machines.


Faster production processes for your concrete block making machines

State-of-the-art machinery in your concrete batching plants that guarantee a faster concrete block manufacturing process.

  • Turnkey installations

  • Poyatos offers you all the machinery for your concrete batching plants in order to carry out the entire process of dosage, transport and mixing of raw materials.

  • Concrete mixers for all our different types of concrete block making machines

  • We supply two types of concrete mixers that adapt to every concrete mixing system.

  • Manufacturers of ecological concrete blocks

  • At Poyatos we look after the environment, that’s why all our products are ecologically friendly.

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