What Are The Different Types Of automatic block machines?

Do you want to Know What Are The Different Types Of automatic block machines?

Automatic block machines are a type of hydraulic machine that produces stronger blocks with greater  pressure by using the principle of hydraulic ram compression.

These Automatic block machines can be found in the construction industry for their ability to produce strong concrete blocks faster and more efficiently in large quantities. 

They are also used for other types of construction materials like bricks and paving stones, as well as producing slabs from soil or sand mixtures.

Automatic Block Machine

What types of block making machines we can find it?

High production concrete block machines

A concrete Block Machine is a machine designed to produce concrete and cement blocks. The machine uses an aggregate (crushed stone, sand, and gravel) as the substrate feed and a mixture of sand, water, and cement as the binder and additives. 

These materials are fed into a hopper where they are mixed. The mixer drum then binds the aggregates together by rotating at a high speed. This process creates a dough-like mixture that is then poured onto a semi-spherical mold with channels cut out to allow for drainage before extrusion onto its steel plate.

The High production concrete block machines produce a higher number of blocks per hour. Something that makes a factory more productive... 

Poyatos is a leading supplier of machinery & systems for the concrete products industry, providing turn-key solutions for fully integrated, manufacturing plants. In our line of High production making machines we have Universal, Novabloc and Megabloc. 

Automatic Block Machine

Automatic Block Making Machines 

A Solid Block Making Machine is a machine that can make Concrete blocks. It helps in making the process faster and more efficient with an automation process. Solid Block Making Machine makes it easier to create the blocks with a variety of designs and patterns. 

It is used in different areas like residential construction, commercial construction, and industrial construction projects that need complex structures that are difficult to create manually.

There are models with less production capacity, but that adapt to other needs. Cheaper machines, with lower maintenance costs or less energy needs. At Poyatos we have two models that are Prima and Syncro.

automatic block machines

High-quality block machines

A Paver block-making machine is a machine that was designed to produce high-quality paver blocks and designer tiles. This machine can produce paver blocks of any size and shape. Besides, this machine can also be customized according to the requirements of clients. A maxim that we always follow in Poyatos

Paver block-making machine is typically used in commercial construction and building sites for laying paving stones, creating edging stones, patio stones, etc. It is also used by architects to lay or create stonework in memorials, as well as for garden borders and fences.

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