What are Concrete Plants? Let us explain

Do you want to know what concrete plants are and how they work?

Then this article will interest you;we tell you a little about this type of installation and delve into our machinery for concrete plants.

We first start with a brief description that we can find in Wikipedia:

A Concrete Plant is a facility used for making concrete from the raw material that composes it: aggregate (sand and gravel), cement and water (it may also include other components such as filler, reinforcing fibres or additives).

These components, which are previously stored in the concrete plant, are dosed in the appropriate proportions to be mixed in mixing plants or to be directly unloaded into a concrete truck in the case of dosing plants.

Types of Facilities

What’s more, there are various types of facilities about Concrete Plants. We can thus find the following classifications:

  1. The concrete that is produced: Mixing facilities (kneaded concrete), Dosing plants (metered concrete), Cement gravel plants (semi-dry gravel mix with cement) and Combined plants (concrete kneaded and dosed in the same plant).

  2. Depending on the plant mobility, we find: Fixed plants (facilities intended for a fixed production centre), Mobile plants (facilities for a specific site or project), and Modular plants (intended to work in several different locations during their useful life).
  3. Based on the aggregate collection system Vertical plants(as we read in Wikipedia: “The aggregates are collected at the top of the plant, so they have to be lifted before storage”) and Horizontal plants (“the aggregates are collected at ground level, and not on the kneading/dosing level of the plant”).

Concrete Plants in Poyatos

Now we go into the Poyatos block factory and show you the different machinery we have for your Concrete Plants:


The Turbomixers help us achieve the complete process to make concrete blocks. We can read on our website:

The Turbomixer has a manual and automatic, pneumatic or hydraulic drive system. It adapts to the types of blocks.

Turbomixer operation:

We share the main features of this machinery for Concrete plants:

  • The mixer tank is fully lined at the bottom and sides with special screw-on and replaceable anti-abrasive sheet steel plates.
  • The arms of the blades are articulated and cushioned by hard rubber silent-blocks;they are self-adjusting and replaceable, easily accessible and totally protected against dust.
  • The pulleys have a NI-HARD anti-abrasive function. The circular unloading gate at the bottom, built entirely in electrowelded steel, is machined and mounted on bearings. This allows a smooth and effortless drive.
  • The drive can be manual or automatic, with a pneumatic or hydraulic system. With one to three unloading gates.
  • The mixer comes with a removable lid provided with an inspection hatch.
  • The motor is fully accessible on the outside of the mixer.

Operation of the Planetary gear
Get faster production processes for your block machines. We are talking about:

State-of-the-art machinery for your plants with a planetary movement mixing turbine and a set of turbo blades. This will assure you a faster block production process.

Among its main features, we find:

  • Replaceable and cushioned blades.
  • Unloading through a circular hatch on the bottom of the hydraulic drive.
  • Protection with anti-abrasive wear plate on the bottom and sides.
  • Ready-to-install automatic humidity measuring and cleaning equipment.

Mixer capacities

Finally, we leave you a table with the capabilities of both models:


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