Syncro block machines: minimal maintenance for factory

Do you need to reduce the maintenance of your block machines?

Then the block machines Syncro are your best solution. We are talking about a type of automatic block manufacturing machine that enables you to reduce your costs without reducing your production. Syncro block machines do not require large investments in maintenance, so they also help to reduce your manufacturing costs.

Large-production block manufacturing machines

Now, even with lower maintenance, productivity will not be an issue. For this is a robust, fixed and automatic block machine, easy-to-handle and of minimal maintenance, which works with a wooden or metal tray, and of lengths ranging from 1200 mm to 1400 mm and widths from 600 mm to 900 mm. All this, with a large production capacity and a synchronised vibration system driven by a 15 Kw motor powered by a frequency converter.

How does the Syncro block-making machine work?

This is a block machine that is very easy to use and involves a semi-automatic process. Instead of it being the machine that moves (taking up excessive space in your factory), it is the trays that do so. There are also different possibilities within these machines.  The installation circuit can be configured in a line or in a U, with a set of 5-height elevator and descender units that speed up the tray transfer to the dryers by means of a forklift truck. It can also incorporate a pneumatic or automatic palletising unit.

 Syncro block machine data  More Technical Data:

  • Product height: 25 to 300 mm (optional 400 mm).
  • Minimum surface area: 1,500 m2.
  • Specific software with easy-to-use touch screen and with all kinds of information on production, consumption, maintenance, etc.
  • Tele-assistance service with remote access.
  • One-way, synchronised vibration (Patented).
  • One vibrating table.
  • Lubrication in continuous oil bath (minimum maintenance).
  • Maximum force: 80 kN.
  • Power: 22 kW.
Hydraulic system:
  • Air-cooled unit.
  • Power: 22 k.

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