Concrete block machine 08 September, 2020
Prima L: the block making machine without large electrical installations

Do you need a block making machine that offers higher production per hour?

Are you an entrepreneur in a developing country and looking for a block making machine that does not need large electrical installations? Then the Prima Press adapts to your needs. And, if you want to go one step further in terms of production, the Prima L block making  machine will be your best solution. And, unlike the normal Prima, the PRIMA L is the most automated and most dynamic version. Includes the same PRIMA block, but with a higher level of automation. An elevator-descender assembly is added to facilitate the process of transferring the trays for curing the products and a clamp for the final palletizing of the pieces. In the Prima L block maker machine, as it depends less on the human factor, production is streamlined and the productivity of the facility is increased.


block making machine


Main characteristics of Prima L block making machines

 It is one of the most economical machines;and it goes a step further in production and adapts to the needs of entrepreneurs who are going to launch a project in a developing country.
More Technical Data:
  • Height of products: 25 to 250 mm
  • Minimum area: 700 m2
  • Control desk with programmable automaton (PLC) with variables terminal and data and production storage
  • Average output for paving stones per hour: 64 - 72 m².
  • A single shaking table
  • One vibrating table
  • Greasing in continuous oil bath (minimum maintenance).
  • Maximum force: 47.6 kN
  • Power: 17.5 kW
Hydraulic group:
  • Water cooling equipment
  • Power: 11 kW
On the other hand, it has an elevator and a descending machine with 4 levels x 2 trays, and requires a total area of ??land of 1,900 m2. Here is a graph of the block making machine, and a table with a small explanation of its parts: block making machine block making machine

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