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Are you looking for block machines?

In Poyatos you are sure to find what you are looking for. Since we have 5 types of block machines that adapt to the features of each one. From cheaper block machines for entrepreneurs, to the most powerful large production presses.

In today's article we will tell you about the main presses that we have. Dividing them into two large groups: high-production block machines and automatic block machines.

block machines

Automatic block machines

The best-adapted machinery for entrepreneurs and people who want to set up factories in underdeveloped countries. They adapt perfectly to different circumstances since they require little maintenance and do not need large electrical installations.

PRIMA: The cheapest model

The cheapest model, ideal for entrepreneurs from developing countries with a project to make quality concrete products at industrial level or to manufacture special pieces.

These are fixed block machines, with automatic processes and a large production capacity, but also robust and very easy to handle and maintain.

When the pieces have been vibrated on wooden or metal trays, they are removed by an operator with a forklift truck and are taken to the curing area. The parts will subsequently be palletised by hand.

This link offers a downloadable pdf with all the information, and we also leave you a picture with more features:

block machines

SYNCRO minimal maintenance

The SYNCRO block machine works with a wooden or metal tray with a length ranging from 1200 mm to 1400 mm and a width ranging from 600 mm to 900 mm.

A robust, fixed and automatic press with easy handling and minimal maintenance, but with a large production capacity and a synchronised vibration system driven by a 15kW motor powered by a frequency converter.

In this case, the installation circuit can be configured in a line or in a U, with a set of 5-height elevator and descender units that speed up the tray transfer to the dryers by means of a forklift truck.

As for the palletising, the machine can have a pneumatic or automatic electronic palletiser. In all its options, the block machines can be complemented with equipment to manufacture double layer products.

On this link you can download the whole pdf, and the graph below offers more technical details:

block machines

High production block machines

This group includes the three most powerful machines, with the largest production: Universal, Megabloc and Novabloc.

UNIVERSAL: first of our high-production presses

The UNIVERSAL block machine is the first of our high-production presses, requiring a single person to control and supervise it. Here, the entire production process is fully automated and controlled by a computer with customised, easy-to-use software.

Being a fully automatic installation, a highly optimised production process is achieved, with low energy consumption and easy to run and maintain.  

Our block machines’ synchronised vibration system has proven to be extremely reliable and efficient, as well as very easy to maintain.  

This block machine has a multi-blade forklift truck to transfer the products to the drier, offering different options in terms of number of heights, load capacity, turning ability, etc.

What’s more, for packaging it has an automatic electromechanical double column palletiser.  In short, a multitude of variables to customise the facility according to the needs of each project.

You can download the pdf with all the information on this link. This diagram shows the inside of the machine:

block machines

Other features of Universal block machines

Electronic automatic palletiser:
  •  Functioning: Electromechanical.
  • 90º and 180º turning system.
  • Tighten from all four sides, with electronic regulation.
  • One-way, synchronised vibration. Drive by a single motor (Patented). • Lubrication in continuous oil bath (minimum maintenance).
  • Adjustable vibration parameters.
Hydraulic system:
  • Variable flow piston pump.
  • Power: 30 H
Multi-blade forklift truck:
  • A forklift truck of 10 heights, electromechanical operation.
  • Automation and electrical means for a fully programmable automatic operation.
  • Optional 180º turning.
  • Loading: 5 T.

NOVABLOC:  modular vibration

The Novabloc block making machine is equipped with POYATOS’ patented modular vibration. The modular vibration consists of two vibrating shafts synchronised one way.

This press can be offered to work with wooden, plastic or metal trays of between (1200 - 1400) x (550 - 900) mm and with optional double layer equipment. To take the trays to the driers, the facility comes with a multi-blade forklift truck adapted to the characteristics of each project.

The Novabloc is equipped with a double central column, electronic automatic palletiser, with high-speed electronic transfer and up-down movements and independent tightening for each of the 4 sides.

See how it works in the following video and download the pdf with all the information on this link:

Main advantages of Novabloc block machines

  • Energy saving in starting and stopping.
  • Time saving in starting and stopping (about two seconds per cycle).
  •  Without material disintegration as the vibration stops instantly.
  • Savings in maintenance in all vibration mechanisms.
  • The machine runs with a single 22 kW motor at 1,500 r.p.m. (normal standard engine), maintenance-free.
  • Automatic regulation of vibration parameters, in both breadth and frequency. In short, modular vibration is a very reliable and experienced, fast and productive system, but with minimal demands regarding its operation and maintenance.

Learn more about the machine from the image below.

block machines

MEGABLOC: highest productivity on the market

The Megabloc block machine stands out with the highest productivity on the market (more than 4,500 twenty-centimetre blocks per hour, 18 pieces per tray) thanks to its modular vibration system (patented). This system is powered by a single 45 kW motor, based on 2 independent vibration tables. This allows compensation of filling through the independent regulation of the vibration parameters of each of the tables.

The system also has an encoder in its system to electronically and very precisely control the frequency and amplitude of the vibration.

In short, modular vibration is a very reliable and experienced, fast and productive system, and with minimal demands regarding its operation and maintenance.

Possibilities of Megabloc block machines

The Megabloc press can be offered to work with wooden, plastic or metal trays of between 1,200 and 1,500 mm (both length and width) and with optional double layer equipment.

For transporting trays to the dryers, there is a multi-blade forklift truck adapted to the characteristics of each project in terms of number of heights, maximum transport load, possibility of being mounted on a rotating platform, etc.

Main features of the electronic automatic palletiser:

The facility includes a central double column electronic automatic palletiser with the following characteristics:

  •  High speed transfer and up-down movements.
  • Independent tightening from 2 directions, controlled by an encoder to apply the right pressure to each piece (memorised for each product in the program).

Learn how it works in the following videos:


The following graph gives more information, as well as on this link, where you can download the pdf:

block machines





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