Megabloc, concrete block machines with the highest production capacity

Do you want to know our Megabloc concret block machines?

Megabloc, concrete block machines stand out for offering the highest productivity on the market (more than 4,500 20 cm blocks per hour, 18 pieces per tray). All this, thanks to its vibration system with servomotors based on 2 independent vibration tables.

That, as you can well read on our website:

This allows a compensation of the filling through the independent regulation of the vibration parameters of each one of the tables.

 concrete block machines

To which we add that:

The vibration system is made up of two vibrating tables with eight eccentric masses (four for each table), each one driven by a servomotor that allows all the vibration parameters to be controlled: frequency, amplitude, speed of phase changes, etc.

Concrete block machines

In the image above we can see: 2 independent vibration tables as standard for better filling compensation. Lubrication in continuous oil bath (minimum maintenance.

Megabloc concrete block machines: different possibilities

Megabloc concrete block making machines are offered to work with wooden, plastic or metal trays, with measurements between 1,200 and 1,500 mm (both in length and width), and with optional double-layer equipment.

In addition, for the transport of trays to the dryers, the Megabloc block manufacturing machines are offered with an automatic multi-fork carriage, adapted to the characteristics of each project in terms of number of heights, maximum load, possibility of being mounted on a rotating platform, etc.

On the other hand, and as we read on our page:

The Megabloc concrete block machines include an automatic electronic double central column palletizer with translation and high speed up and down movements with closed loop control. This allows for shorter operating times and reduced electrical consumption. Tightening is independent in both directions, with force regulation to apply the appropriate pressure parameters to each piece, memorized for each product in the installation program.

While for the output of the product packages, a wide variety of options are offered (roller conveyor, slat conveyor, pallet truck, etc.) according to the needs of each project.

Concrete block machines

Block Machines with Software Systems

The Megabloc block machines have specific software with a touch screen, which is very easy to use and provides all kinds of information: on production, consumption, maintenance, etc.

In addition, it allows a tele-assistance service with remote access. In the image below, you can see the free tele-assistance service included in this block machine:

 concrete block machines

On the other hand, this block making model has a robot integration system for special palletizing processes. In the following videos you can see the operation of the machines:

We also want to leave you the following infographic with the configuration plan of these concrete block machines, and in this link download a new pdf with all the information.

Concrete block machines

Concrete bloc machines

Concrete block machines

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