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Do you want to know the main technological developments that are trending in the construction sector?

The construction sector has been betting on technological and digital development for years, and it does not. Needless to say, success in any business is about constant development. If progress occurs, all processes are enhanced by default.

That is why the construction sector is not lacking in innovations and digital transformations in the last years. The vast majority of companies implement modern software, AI, AR/VR algorithms and other technologies.

 construction sector

In this way, digital solutions reshape the construction industry and make it more flexible. Making it impossible to stay on top of changes and updates in the context of useful technological approaches for the performance of the company. Among the technologies most efficient construction are building estimation software, systems based on the cloud, building information modelling…

1. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

In these years, construction sector is already becoming almost impossible without Big Data and IoT. The industry combines numerous routine processes, people and resources. This is why AI-based systems are useful for well thought out workflows and a highly managed environment.

Main benefits of AI for the construction sector:

Among the main benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning for construction are:

  1. Bet on maximum security.
  2. Reduce potential risks.
  3. Increased productivity of all departments.
  4. Better properties for decision making.
  5. Accurate and automated data collection.
  6. Optimization of most processes.

2. Software for the construction sector

One of the most essential software solutions is estimating and bidding tools. The construction company requires digital background to provide accurate estimates and perform well as a tender participant. Building estimating software is one way incredible to control all data entries and avoid losing details in measurements and calculations.

construction sector

3. BIM and wearables

Digital solutions also improve modeling performance. BIM technology (modeling of construction information) improves different design processes, including 3D models and other graphic content.

Additionally, there is a special system for remote control of safety indexes on site. The construction companies use handheld devices to plan and monitor construction equipment on-site protection.

4. Virtual reality in the construction sector

We are talking about an innovative solution that simplifies many tasks related to the routines of construction. Also, virtual reality simulators will come in handy when it comes to modeling various scenarios.

At Poyatos we are committed to continuous development, and we are always at the forefront in the field of construction sector. For this reason, all our machinery has a great technological and digital development. Our Concrete block machines, machinery for Concrete Plants, and other machines to give a better finish to the concrete blocks, are a clear commitment to it.

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