How does a Concrete Plant work?

Do you want to know how a Concrete Plant works?

Then this article will interest you. And it is that in it we are going to try to offer you complete information on the operation of a Concrete Plant. In addition, to tell you about our machinery for this type of installation.

And it is that, in Poyatos we have different machinery for Concrete Plants, which we design and manufacture under our own patent. Offering a product that carries out the complete process of dosage, transport and mixing. In addition, we set up turnkey factories all over the world.

What is a Concrete Plant?

Now, getting to the heart of this article, we are talking about an installation that is used for the manufacture of concrete. Using aggregate (sand and gravel), cement and water as main raw materials.

You can also make use of other components such as filler, reinforcing fibers and other additives.

All these components, which are stored in the Concrete Plant, are dosed in the appropriate proportions and mixed (in the case of mixing plants) or unloaded directly into a concrete truck (in the case of dosing plants).

 Concrete Plant

Other frequently asked questions about Concrete Batching Plants

To continue with this text, we want to send you the answer to some of the questions that we are asked the most in our block making factory:

1. What is concrete?

A mixture of binder, aggregates and water. Among the main binders we find: cement and mortar. While the most used aggregates are aggregates, such as gravel or sand.

2. How to make reinforced concrete?

Another of the questions that constantly come to us at Poyatos is how to make reinforced concrete, well, we are going to try to explain it as simply as possible:

Reinforced concrete is made by 'drowning' steel bars in concrete. A few bars that are woven together, forming a steel reinforcement. What becomes a kind of cage, capable of representing a support for the concrete structure.

3. What are the raw materials of a concrete?

To mix the concrete we will use a Concrete Plant, however, the main components are: 1 part cement, three parts sand and 4 parts gravel, and half part water.

Sand parts can be composed of mine sand or crushed stone.

 Concrete Plant

Types of machinery to Concrete Batching Plants in Poyatos

At Poyatos we offer machinery so that the complete process of dosing, transporting and mixing the raw materials is carried out in your concrete plants. And we have two types of concrete mixers, which will adapt to the different concrete mixing systems.

1. Mixers for your Concrete Plant

With it you can carry out the complete process to manufacture concrete blocks. In the table below you can see the productions:

 Concrete Plant

2. Planetary

State-of-the-art machinery, patented by Poyatos. A concrete mixer that ensures a faster block production process.

If you need machinery for your Concrete Plant, do not hesitate to contact Poyatos, we will be happy to advise you.

 Concrete Plant

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