High-production concrete block machines

Do you want to know about concrete block machines?

Poyatos is a reputed company that has been manufacturing concrete block machines since 1975. Over the years they have achieved several milestones in this sector. And we offer integral solutions for all types of blocks and concrete products factories.

Currently, the company is manufacturing fully-equipped machinery with high-tech and robotic control. Their manufacturing processes allow them to High quality and high production of concrete block machines that have minimum maintenance. 

Moreover, the maintenance can also be adapted to different needs. All their machines are manufactured in their workshops and one such machine is their very popular high-production block making machines. The company has a lot of varieties of machines for concrete block production. 

Concrete block machines with more production at Poyatos 

These are the three machines that provide the complete production of concrete blocks. 

Universal Block making Machines

The Universal block machine is a pioneer in the range of poyatos high production fully automatic plants. One of thei features is about this plant is that it only requires one operator for control and supervision. Now, the rest of the steps of production, handling, as well as packaging processes can be managed by a computer with the help of very user-friendly software. 

These block making machines gives you the option of customizable product height which ranges from 25mm to 300 mm. However, you can also opt for the optional customization in the machine where you can extend the product height up to 400mm. The machine can be remotely assisted. 

Moreover, the machine can produce a total of 80kN of force. Moreover, to keep the machine continuously working, the plant has a built-in Air Cooling system. 

Concrete block machines

Novabloc Concrete block machines

Novabloc Concrete Block Production Plant works with four servo vibration motors. All four motors can be controlled and the parameters like frequency of the vibrations, speed, and amplitude can be remotely controlled. The machine can produce blocks of customizable dimensions that can be of any size between 1200-1400mm × 550-900 mm. 

Moreover, the height of the blocks can also be customized by the owner from 25 mm to 300 mm. However, the owner can also opt for the upgraded version of Novabloc where he/she can extend the height of the block up to 400mm. The total area required for the settlement of the plant is about 1500 m². 

The machine comes with a maximum strength of 98kN. Moreover, the machine also comes with a pre-equipped air cooling system which keeps the plant cool to work 24×7. 

Concrete block machines

Megabloc Block Machines

It is the biggest plant for the production of concrete blocks by Poyatos. The machine works with 8 servo vibration motors. This massive machine can produce 4500 blocks per hour. The machine produces 18 concrete blocks in one go. Moreover, the machine has a lot of features that can be controlled individually. 

Megabloc comes with an additional vibrating table which enhances the production of the blocks compared to the other two machines. The machine can produce a record-breaking vibration force of 200kN. 

Moreover, the machine can work with a maximum power of 120 kW. The owner can produce the blocks of heights from 25 mm to 400mm without making any customization in the machine. The machine has a cycle time of as low as 12-16 seconds. The minimum area required to put the plant is 2000m². Megabloc is also equipped with the air cooling system same as the other two. 

Concrete block machines

Conclusion about Concrete block machines

Poyatos has a name for offering versatile, reliable and durable concrete block machines. Their machines provide high production and minimum 


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