Concrete blocks 16 May, 2022
Graphenano and Hormipresa introduce a new graphene concrete line

Graphenano and Hormipresa, a company specialising in the design, manufacture, and construction of pre-industrialized concrete elements, presented a new-generation concrete line that is more resistant and sustainable thanks to the use of graphene at the Rebuild fair, which was held at the IFEMA exhibition centre. The creation of grapheconcrete was made possible by the partnership of Hormipresa Lab and Graphenano Smart Materials.

Pablo Fernández, who is in charge of innovation at Hormipresa, has remarked that the opportunities presented by the new generation of concrete 'are huge,' and that the business 'wants to take use of them from the outset.' Fernández elucidated that because of the graphene addition, 'a more resistant, more compact concrete is created,' which in turn translates into more impermeability and, thus, greater longevity.

In addition, according to Mathieu Filiol, commercial director of Hormipresa, the introduction of this new line of environmentally friendly concrete responds to an increase in 'widespread social concern about the problem of pollution and natural resource scarcity, which is reflected in bidding for works and in regulations.' 'This is a pattern that is not going to change in the other direction;rather, the opposite is going to occur. According to him, 'the ecological footprint of industrial operations will become ever more demanding, and the demand for this sort of concrete will become substantially higher.'

This line of concrete would save 'both the carbon footprint and water usage by roughly 20%

For his part, the head of Graphenano Smart Materials, Juan ngel Ruiz, underlined the fact that this line of concrete would save 'both the carbon footprint and water usage by roughly 20 percent throughout the yearly production process of Hormipresa.' According to him, Hormipresa will release 3,500 fewer tonnes of CO2 per year and will save more than three million litres of water during the manufacture of concrete for this customer on an annual basis. 

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