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Are you looking for concrete block machines and do not know which one best suits your needs?

In Poyatos we can help you, since we offer the best solutions and we have a wide range of concrete block machines. So you will find the one or those that best adapt to the characteristics and needs of each company.  However, in this article, we are talking about the 3 high production of concrete block making machine that we have in our factory;All of them manufactured and patented by ourselves:

Universal: concrete block machines of maximum reliability

 A block making machine that has an elevator of 10 heights and double tray that performs the vertical movement of the blocks and an automatic palletizer with pallet storage and roller path in installation.

In addition, as read on our website:

The water, cement and aggregate dosing system evaluates the different components that form the blocks completely autonomously using different methods.  

The UNIVERSAL block machine is the first in our range of high production fully automatic plants which requires only one operator for control and supervision. The entire production, handling and packaging processes are computer-managed with customized and easy to use software. 

And you can Download the pdf here



Novabloc: Reduce time in your concrete block machine factory

It features a modular vibration consisting of two unidirectionally synchronized vibrating axes. Each one has, in turn, 'two eccentric masses that at full load and at speed, without stopping, add or compensate, getting vibrate or not, with the engine always running' (we read in the product description).  

The Novabloc concrete products machine is offered with our traditional, patented and quite experienced mechanical system of “modular vibration”, although servo-vibration system, driven by 4 servo-motors is an option as well. 

In the following video you can see how does it work, (and Download the pdf here): 


Megabloc: the high production block making machines

And finally, the Megabloc, high production block making machine offers a reliable and experienced system, in addition to a tele-assistance service for breakdowns.  

MEGABLOC stands out for providing the highest productivity in the market: 18 blocks of 20 cm (8”) per cycle (up to 4500 blocks per hour).

Know its operation (Download the pdf here): 


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