Are you looking for an automatic block-making machine?

Are you looking for a block-making machine with its own characteristics?

At Poyatos we have a wide range of automatic block machines. So if you are looking for a block-making machine with specific characteristics, you are sure to find it in our range of machinery.  Now, before we show you the full range of possibilities, we want to remind you that at Poyatos we design and manufacture under our own patent and all our machinery has the quality guarantee of being manufactured in the CE. We also build ecologically to respect the environment, and have qualified staff to offer the best machines.

Low maintenance block making machine

We offer comprehensive solutions for setting up block-making factories worldwide:
Prima Block Machine

The entrepreneurs’ block machine par excellence. Economical and designed for “entrepreneurs from developing countries who aspire to manufacture quality concrete products at industrial level. It is also suitable for manufacturers in small markets or those who want to make some kind of special product.” They offer large production, always with low maintenance costs.

Syncro concrete product machine 

The Syncro block machine offers productions of up to 36 paving stones of 10×20 units, 12 blocks of 15x20x40, and 9 of 20x20x40 per cycle, all without high maintenance costs.

High production Block machines 

At Poyatos we manufacture block machines for the production of pre-cast concrete and specialise in comprehensive solutions for the setting up of block-making factories.

Universal Block Machine

This offers maximum reliability in the production of concrete blocks. This is “the first of our high production presses, requiring a single person to control and supervise it...

Novabloc concrete product machine

This block machine reduces the factory’s production time. This is a fully automatic installation that also offers large production capacities.

Megabloc block-making machines

MEGABLOC stands out for providing the highest productivity in the market: 18 blocks of 20 cm (8”) per cycle (up to 4500 blocks per hour).


Poyatos in the world

Since 1975, around the world, in more than 80 countries, we have exported and assembled turnkey factories.

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