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5 July 2019
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Universal Concrete Block Machine : main technical characteristics

Do you need to know concrete block machines of maximum production? Universal from Poyatos has the best solution. It is one of our high production block making machines, so it improves according to needs. The Universal – concrete block machine  has an automatic operation. It has aggregate dosing system that evaluates and mixes correct components […]

21 June 2019
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How do the concrete block machines work? We tell you

Do you want to know the operation of the concrete block machines? In this article, Poyatos defines in a clear and simple way how do concrete block machines work . So you will have deeper knowledge about such types of machinery. For this Poyatos will begin by differentiating  among automatic, semi-automatic and manual block making […]

4 June 2019
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What are concrete block machines? Read about it in this article

Do you want to know what concrete block machines are and what their function is? In today’s article we’re going to talk a little about our main product: concrete block machines. To do so, we will describe their main functions and characteristics. As you know, at Poyatos we have several machines with different outputs for […]

5 April 2019
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What kind of concrete block machine do you need for your factory?

Are you looking for a concrete block machine that adapts to your needs and specifications? At Poyatos we have the best solution; we have a wide range of concrete block machines to adapt to the characteristics and needs of your company. We design and manufacture our own patented high production concrete block machines as well […]

26 March 2019
Concrete blocks
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Machinery for special finishes on concrete blocks at Poyatos

Are you looking to manufacture concrete blocks with a special new finish? Then at Poyatos we can help you. We have all the necessary machinery to produce concrete blocks with the best finishes. At our company we design and manufacture the following different types of machines: 1. Splitter machines for concrete blocks The semi-automatic splitter […]

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