Universal: high production from your concrete block making machines

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22 March 2017
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Are you looking for a concrete block making machine that offers maximum reliability?

Then the Universal is your best choice. This is an automatic concrete block making machine model that offers a finished product you can rely on. It includes synchronized unidirectional vibration and requires minimum maintenance.

The Universal is equipped with a dosage system that measures automatically (via several methods) water, cement sand and gravel in order to provide the correct mix of the components to form concrete blocks.

Maximum production from your concrete block making machines

This is a high-production concrete block making machine that includes a 10-level double-tray elevator and lowerator as well as an automatic palletizer with a pallet magazine and roller conveyors.

It also provides maximum hourly production: 1500 concrete blocks (20 x 20 x 40) and can handle 1600 trays in an eight-hour working day.

It can also create 10 m³ of concrete every 60 minutes. So this is the ideal machine for you if you require fast output.

Quality Guaranteed concrete block machines

We would also like to add that because we are a Spanish manufacturer of concrete block machines, we comply with all the regulations and guarantees of the European Community and the European Union (ISO, EN) as well as with the Spanish (A.E.N.O.R) Regulations. In this way we provide quality guarantees to all our clients.


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